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In 1995, as a young French D.J, Atyss was already mixing Psychadelic Trance in Parisian raves and clubs.

He has played across Europe and also in South America and Asia, notably France, Brazil, South Africa ” Alien Safari 2010″, South Korea, Portugal “Boom 2008 – 2012”, among other events, Morocco, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Slovenia, UK and Thailand.

Soon after, in 1997, he started a close knit collaboration for a four handed mix with Patrick Rognant, promoter and animator of RAVE UP on RADIO F.G.

In 1999, he created his own compositions and after training as a sound engineer with first hand experience in a recording studio & working post production in cinema, he has managed to perfect his captivating acid Psychedelic Trance style, elaborated at the heart of his Paris studio.

His technique owes much to his ten years’ experience in multiple fields like sounds and images.

In 2005 he created Sonic Motion Records, and has released a number of his own tracks on different international labels.

Atyss also works as line-up manager for Gaia Concept, the pioneering French party organizers. In January 2010, after releasing its fifth cd, Sonic Motion Records are pleased to present the exclusive album from Atyss, “State of Resonance” including 9 exclusive tracks with some featuring “Tim Schuldt, Killer Buds, Triskell, Lazy Lyzard”.

He has been touring around the world for different organizations to promote his album & his new releases, In 2011, he worked on his new album & and released an EP ” Sonic Alchemy”.

In 2012 he joined Planet Ben Records for a new EP, and will release his new album on Planet Ben Records. He is currently working on a new project with Miss Yurika…

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