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Bell Size Park aka d.j Shlomy Kaufman one of Israel’s top dj and producer.

Deejing since 1989 and supporting live great artists such as: The prodigy, astral projection, ozric tentecals, juno reactor and many more…

started his first steps in electronic music back in 1996 together with Yoav Regev & Ronni Burla under the name Bell Size Park, this goa trance project last until 1998 and had some great success in the hollyland and beyond, BSP’S debut album.

The Truth (BNE records) sold more than 6.500 copy’s only in Israel and got amazing reviews, it was an album that signed the path for other Israeli artists.

The band continued working until 1998, the original members split and d.j kaufman continued working under the name Bell size park at festivals and raves.

At 2009 kaufman re-forms: BELL SIZE PARK and added a new member: David kamenshine, because the growing fan base, and Because the “goa trance” revival all over the globe.

BSP are back stronger then ever and considered one of the best Goa/Psy trance artists.

today BELL SIZE PARK are: shlomy kaufman & david kamenshine.

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