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Fire Starter is Uriya Tenenbaum, originally from, and still living in Be’er Sheva Israel; a city famous for being the birth place of many of the world’s most talented music acts. Uriya began producing electronic music from a very young age, releasing his first original tracks back in 1999. 

At the year of 2011 , and with many years of experience producing a variety of electronic music styles, Uriya presented his newest project, FIRE STARTER. 

Fire Starter can be best described as deep, melodic, Progressive Psychedelic Trance with a very modern style, and a great deal of attention paid to creating a truly high quality level of sound design. 

Having a strong professional background in engineering, Uriya incorporates his experiences and discipline in order to raise the bar above today’s industry standards for electronic music production. 

In his music, listeners will instantly notice his attention to detail, cosmic atmospheres, and the emotional journey crafted within each and every track.

It is Uriya’s intention that every track tells a unique story, taking listeners through emotional plains and thought spaces which they have never experienced before. 

In 2012 Uriya released his first album as Fire Starter entitled, “Extremely Flammable” on the record label, Yellow Sunshine Explosion. 

At the beginning of 2013, Fire Starter released his “Deja Vu” EP, which continued where his album left off, and received a great deal of critical acclaim from DJs, producers, and music lovers from all around the globe.

At april 2014,Fire Started released his 2nd Album “Shadows Of Darkness” which hit the top charts of world music stores and so far,was his best selling album of all time. 

And considered as most successful album for 2014. “Shadows of Darkness” released by the highly respected music label, Yellow Sunshine Explosion. 

This album will showcase the darker, edgier side of Fire Starter, while still maintaining the sound and emotional landscapes which have earned him a shining reputation as one of today’s leading Progressive Psychedelic Trance projects. Next up in his release schedule, 

Uriya will release his 3rd EP ,and many more to come.. Look forward to many more releases from Fire Starter, as he continues to push the boundaries of sound design, emotional landscapes, and artistic expression; leading the way toward the future sound of PsyTrance.


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