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Minimal Criminal (Cosmic Conspiracy records) is a Psygressive Trance project from Brazil currently based in Israel. Valerio Zhyin and Bruno Echoes started the project in 2004 in Rio de Janeiro. Several of Minimal Criminal tracks have been released ,both CD and digital, on labels such as Cosmic Conspiracy, Zenon, Halu Beats, Biosine, Vagalume, Planet B.E.N., Phantasm, Ovnimoon, Plusquam, Glitchy Tonic, Uroboros, and more.

Their full length album, “Minimus Maleficarum” , was released in November 2010 through Cosmic Conspiracy records. The digital version of the album was released in 2011 and quickly became a top seller at Beatport and Saikosounds.

In 2007 Valerio moved out of Brazil. For years, Bruno and Valerio performed as Minimal Criminal separately and would occasionally COLLABORATE on a track together. Internal conflicts eventually grew and caused a split between the two members.

As of 2014 the official Minimal Criminal is Valerio Zhyin. The Psygressive sound is popular in Israel and here Minimal Criminal is a local favorite due to the bombastic and unique live sets with the alien costume, live MIDI drumming, and Theremin. The Minimal Criminal live set is not just another laptop performance but a real live experience.

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