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Sadhu A.k.a. Maga, Sadhu had her 1st contact with the dancefloors working for Bimotor, a major record distributor, back in the days in Portugal.

Her first psy steps were with Good Mood (BOOM FESTIVAL) where she was part of the art team, and from that experience, she took off to Amsterdam, where she first started to play with the dutch crews (9LOH, BOOM VOYAGE, NAMASTÉ, MUTUAL HYPNOSIS, ALIEN MEETING, ZIRK PROJEKT.) It wasn’t long until she was in the shores of Mexico, playing in several parties in 2002.

After that Brazil, at festivals Universo Parallello and Trancendence (Solar Flares) and across the country at: PULSE (GOIÂNIA) AND BPM (GMT).

Returning to Europe, she had the opportunity to join masters SFS/ ETNICANET team, Maurizio Begotti and Max Lanfranconi, who label her presently, Middle East, Eastern Europe and recently Spain and Italy have been great experiences playing clean eletronic music for amazing people!!

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