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Suduaya is a French producer and guitarist. In 2011, he released his frst track on the Klopfgeister’s compilation “Stand up against gravity” (Iono Music). His album “Dreaming Sun” (Altar Records) came out in September 2011.

Always on the road, he played at the S.U.N. Festival (Hungary), Summer Never Ends (Switzerland), Spirit Base (Austria), Spiritual Healing (Germany), Transition Festival (Spain), Forest Star Festival (Sweden), The Experience Festival (Thailand), EarthDance (Hungary)…

“Unity” is the name of his new full-lenght opus released on September 15th 2013 (Altar Records). The album grows from emotionnal ambient to groovy downbeat, with luminous melodies and psychedelic sounds. It includes collaborations with beautiful and established artists like Irina Mikhailova, Zero Cult, Cabeiri, Green Beats, Christian Amin Varkony & By the Rain.

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