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Guy Youngman (aka DJ Guyshanti) from Nahariya, Israel. Born in 1972. First musical interests included a lot of guitars and very few synths. and it stayed like this for quite a long time.

Exposed to trance music for the first time and started djing and producing original material in 1998. shortly after met Josef (Dudu) Atrash and formed Evil Drug Lords, a project that lasted for more than four years during which we released over 20 tracks for compilations on many leading labels.

Aerospace has performed his music all over the world, playing events such as the Full Moon and Indian Spirit festivals in Germany, E-nigma and Universo Paralello events in Brazil, the Aurora festival in Greece, Time & Space festival in Mexico, the Spirit Base festival in Austria and many club and outdoor parties all over Europe.

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Everything is light, vibe, soul and sound around us. You need perception to get it. Perceptors is how you can get it. Maya and Frascky are two old friends who shared their passion and perception for psychedelic music behind the decks since long time.

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Quality of their first productions but added faster grooves and more melodies. In June of 2005 they compiled a cd for Neurobiotic, titled Groove Controllers.

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Bitkit hails from Belgium, with its rich electronic music history. As a youngster he got classical schooling in different instruments.

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