“Danza” or “Dance” in the english language. This is the ultimate experience. The Happiness of soul, body and mind, when they are released while we dancing to psychedelic electronic music. The end result of deep psychedelic music is to liberate the soul by the endless sounds of electronic music.

Danza bookings its a Tube that connects the finest artists to the people who want to Dance. With many years of experience in the electronic music scene around the globe, especially in Trance music in all types we offer excellent international bookings services for your event. What leads to result that make the Dance much more easy, fast, convenient, and professional. For both sides, artists and productions.

Artists we representing are first class in quality, in variety of genres, and in a wide range of electronic colors. we believe in representing fresh new artists and projects which are excellent. Alongside the More familiar artists with rich record in the Trance music scene. We represent the best artists to be found in the field. Unique artists that transfer deep content through music . Sound and musical Productions at the highest level there is. We provide professional management to our artists that includes: Representation / Advertising / Marketing / Bookings services Worldwide.

We representing every style and color in the psychedelic electronic music culture, that makes your body move and Danza. You are welcome to contact us and start the Danza Now!


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