Alter Ritual by Edi Alterman

The official launch will be in 2018 , but the process starts today . join the official page to be updated about that trip.

Δlter Ritual by Edi Alterman it’s the final destination and a dream that come true after almost 20 years of music productions and psychedelic life culture.

This project its not just another new project. its a unique Ritual state of mind that Edi will take you into it , in a way that never done before . 

This ritual combines 10 hours of ORIGINAL Music only. all the music is written , produced & mixed by Edi Alterman in his 5 trance projects that he have today . 

Each project has other vibes ,colours, textures, meaninings and bpm’s. 

The trip starting at 130 bpm and ending at 250 bpm. 

All the music is played live , and its the first ritual show ever that takes you into 5 differnt dimentions in one ritual , from dusk till down and what is between.

The ideal Ritual is 10 hours . but it can be as well 5 hours Ritual that includes 1 hour from each project ,depends on the event spirit.

The 5 Dimensions are :

Dark & Roll – Dark Forest

The Dude – Progressive Trance

Highpnosis – Hitech

Turaya – Melodic Psytrance

Do Re Mix – Goa Trance


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