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quality of their first productions but added faster grooves and more melodies. In June of 2005 they compiled a cd for Neurobiotic, titled “Groove Controllers”. 

This cd included remixes from their second album “Groove Control” as well as tracks from other major artists. 

In 2007, they made a compilation for the japanese label TPE, including remixes from their hits by GMS, by Shanti, by Silicon Sound, and tracks from Protoculture, Bamboo Forest, Polaris, Alternative Control. 

The compilation includes also  Altöm big hit “What time is love” , a tribute to KLF, which smashed the dancefloors all around the world…it was definitly one of the best full-on cd of 2007.

Late spring 2007, Thomas moved to Barcelona, Spain, to setup his base at the beach. 

He started two new solo projects : a full-on project called Voyager, and another project under the name Ocean, more oriented towards electro and progressive trance, while Alexis started to produce electro house. 

Ocean and Voyager have many releases awaited for the next monthes, and  Voyager album is going to be released end of 2008.   

After focusing on their solo projects for a while,  Alex and Thomas are back in business !! they have a new track done and are working on more, so , good news !!!   you can expect a release from Altöm soon, some ” crystal clear groovy fullon”  !!

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