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The legendary DJ Miko has been a fixture of the Trance scene since its early days in 1989. He has played marathon 12-hour sessions in underground Goa parties, attracting travelers worldwide. He was the first DJ to introduce Trance parties in Japan, and to show the Trance movement as a visionary way of life. DJ Miko’s vision was to show people a happier way of living—outside the system, free. DJ Miko is the man behind huge number of Trance events all over the world, one of the pioneering figures of the local Israeli and international scene, a true activist. Miko is also known for his groundbreaking successful projects California Sunshine and X-Wave.
In 1995 DJ Miko and Harel Prussky created the groundbreaking band California Sunshine. The first track they created was the single “The Summer of 89”, aka “The Dolphin Track”, which was released on their first self-titled album and became a worldwide hit in underground trance parties, and was remixed by Paul Oakenfeld. The “California Sunshine” CD sold more than 50,000 albums worldwide, and over 100,000 copies in Israel. Even though the CD was released over 15 years ago, it’s still being bought due to its special energy that still keeps it selling time and again, till to this very day. California Sunshine was very prolific, releasing the CDs “Imperia”, “Nasha”, “Flying Eye Land”, and “Wonderland”.
Tracks from all of California Sunshine CDs have come out in many compilations around the globe. DJ Miko then released three CDs under the name X-Wave which featured artist friends such as Tsuyoshi, GMS, Spacecat, Skazi, X-Dream, Melicia, Safi Connection, and Euphoria. DJ Miko’s latest album is D-Clock, a collaboration with gifted artist Roy Sela, This combination of a seasoned DJ and a rock musician has made the D-Clock CD a highly mature, polished release, bearing new elements, motifs and atmosphere, a breath of fresh Trance active air.
D-Clock is a special double CD release, which includes the Trance side of D-Clock packed with epic beauties on one hand, and a chilling floating ambient delicatessens CD2 on the other. D-Clock have definitely gone a step further, pushing the boundaries and limitations, and with this fine debut have succeeded in creating a set of mindblowing tracks with a solid seal and stamp of originality. DJ Miko and Roy Sela have definitely triumphed in their task and deliver one hell of a release, bound to affect and amaze music lovers around the world. Aside from producing solid, innovative dance floor sounds, what really places D-Clock in a league of its own is its unprecedented live act show, live on stage, emitting vast amounts of energy to the dance floor. DJ Miko has always pushed the boundaries of Trance in his sets and has always succeeded in creating a force of energy that brings people to new heights of emotion. DJ Miko’s message has always been one of unity, of creating an energy on the dance floor that unites people and brings them together as one, making all the people of this earth as one.

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