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Cerebro Spinal is a 26 year old psytrance producer and a classical and jazz pianist / keyboardist.

At a very young age he was introduced to a broad range of music genres which has a big influence on his projects today.

Cerebro Spinal trance is very musical and unique and tries to interact with all types of instruments – acoustic , digital and analog, Which help achieve a rich full sound and express all types of emotions.

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omer kadosh a.k.a rizo was born ih haifa city in israel on may 1979 he has been into the electronic scence music for over 15 years . When he was 13 he started playing guitar and been a member of few rock/heavy metal band’s in israel.

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NO COMMENT Facebook 0 Google+ 0 Twitter Pinterest 0 WhatsApp NO COMMENT No Comment is the new project by:omer kadosh (rizo)a.k.a Krunch,DarkSohoand Yaniv Gabay a.k.a

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Avishai Greenbaum , 24 years old is the man behind this amazing project called SAJANKA His professional musical career began at 2014. When he focused on the style he loved and inspired from, Psy Trance music.

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