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Diamandy is a fresh project creating Cosmic-Techno and Tech-Minimal music. After fine releases on labels like Digital Structures Records, Rusted Records, Plusquam Records and many more Diamandy established himself as a producer with a different approach to Techno Music. 

The connection of robotic rhythms and beats with openly wide sounds and a story behind each track brought to Diamandy support from different types of crowd and Artists (From Techno to Psy-Trance). His work been repeatedly played by Perfect Stranger, Roy Rosenfeld, Max Freegrant, Super8 & Tab and many more!

The agenda is never copy boring endless loops and follow one style but to experiment and mix different genres – Dub-step, House, Prog-House, Psy elements, under the Techno Hut.Diamandy’s music trying to connect desire to move with desire to imagine and analyze.

Diamandy sets usually goes from Minimalistic low movement to uprising madness and back – not the same loop for the hall time. With great releases in 2013 (Including work with Perfect Stranger on the remix) the expectations from 2014 are huge. Big tunes and remixes already signed and ready to get out! Be ready!

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