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The story begins after we discovered the trance music that we experienced in the beautiful nature parties at the middle of the 90s. After I fall in love with trance music, I started to produce music.

Edi Alterman aka ” DO RE MIX “. 35 years old from israel, better known as “THE DUDE” in his second Psygressive Project.

DO RE MIX is an New School Goa Trance Project. The focus on this project is on psychedelic morning music with massive energy, flow, magic, and psychedelic stories with unique touch of old School Goa trance writing.

The project was established in 2008 .After some breaks on the way, I renewed the activity in 2015 and some fresh tracks already uploaded and will be released soon. Enjoy!

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Feytor also known as ProtoActive, a project with great originality and concept has been considered one of the Progressive trance Lives acts most respected in Brazil, But now Living in UK since 2010 (Near London).

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omer kadosh a.k.a rizo was born ih haifa city in israel on may 1979 he has been into the electronic scence music for over 15 years . When he was 13 he started playing guitar and been a member of few rock/heavy metal band’s in israel.

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