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Dolev Sivan is a Trance Artist & DJ from Israel.
In 2012 Dolev founded his first project ‘Black Mesa’ of Progressive Psychedelic Trance (132-138 BPM).
In 2016 Dolev founded his solo project ‘DOLEV’ of Progressive Psychedelic Trance (140-145 BPM).
After releasing EP’s and Singles in the leading Record labels around the world,
before even releasing his first album he gained success and got well known widely around the world.
In 2014 Dolev founded Record Label under the name ‘Black Records’, label for Progressive, Psychedelic Trance and Full On music.
Dolev with a unique style, characterized by high-end production, heavy, tight & precise bass lines, tribal & synthetic rhythms, layered melodies and powerful story-telling, aimed straight to smash the dancefloors.
Dolev have a charismatic presence and striking performance on the stage, he’s very connected with the audience, keep his sets extremely Progressive, engaging and Psychedelic, taking it into Trance and Euphoria.
Dolev collaborate with the most big Artists in the Trance scene and play in the most leading, biggest and famous Trance festivals around the globe

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