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Asaf Vaknin is the man beyond this unique project .born on September 21, 1991, better known by his stage name “Headrix” Headrix, is an psychedelic electronic LIVE show project from Israel.

In 2005, Headrix began his career as an psytrance artist under the name “Paramedix”, and worked as a DJ in the biggest clubs in Israel under the name “DJ Sparks”. 

After many years of making music in the studio, Headrix expanded his musical direction other types of electronic music and created his own unique sound that combines various elements of electronic music such as: Rave, Breakbeat and Psytrance.

Headrix released his first album “Frustrateed Artist” in Novemver 2014, The first single from the album called “Obsessive Love” with the singer Naor C came out in May 2014, The second single “Bad Madafucka” with the M.C Aviel Kogan came out in September 2014.

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