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Known  as one of the leading and most exiting electronic music bands around  the world.  Hilight Tribe performed  in almost every country around the world including Brazil , USA , Japan , Mexico , Marocco , india , South Africa , and all over Europe as a headline Live show.

After 7 albums that Hilight Tribe has released , Greg  created his solo project “Greg Hilight”, an Ethno Trance Live act, which is the encounter of Natural instruments and digital trance.

Throught  this project , he present  us his vision of the new century’s dance floor’s music , a magic potion made of instruments from all over  the world , ethnic  grooves and electronic sounds.

He plays a live set, from 145 to 155 Bpm, to give the dance floor an authentic and up lifting performance, filled with live percussions  and didjeredoo.

The show of Greg  can be solo, or with Ludo as well to give a unique live band show , that can be match for open air events and for clubs.   

You’re invited in a Journey to a futuristic  and surnatural  world  manifested  through the sound.

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The name Orpheus comes from the Greek mythology, he was called by Pindar, which was an ancient Greek lyric poet, “the father of songs”. The myth tells us that when Orpheus was playing on his instrument, the trees and the stones were listening, the rivers deviated from their course and the forest animals fell silent.

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Suduaya is a French producer and guitarist. In 2011, he released his frst track on the Klopfgeister’s compilation “Stand up against gravity” (Iono Music). His album “Dreaming Sun” (Altar Records) came out in September 2011.

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Ojini Project


Ojini Project is a IDM Psybient Project from Israel. Formed in 2006 by Yogev Afriat. The whole idea behind this musical project up through hunger for free creation, because it is composed of several musical styles.

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