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InterSys are Moshe Maman and Omri Azran from Israel. Established in mid-2006, this energetic due has managed to release countless releases in various compilations, remix the biggest names in the psy scene, make 3 highly successful studio albums and burn out dance floors worldwide.

Coming from a rich musical background and inspired by many musical genres, InterSys never stop to surprise. Their tracks are always innovative and bold. As time passed many fans joined the InterSys nation and InterSys decided to add some spices to their live show. This way the “Break & Destroy” tour was born.

Reinforced by Ella Doron (Vocals) – Who already preformed an many tours with InterSys and won the audience’s love, Alex Rotman (Drums) – Who brings in fresh groovy rhythms, stage experience and a show you’ll never forget, Flash (Guitars) – And amazingly talented guitarist to slash your eardrums.

InterSys new model is well adjusted to the dance floor, after 6 years of experience on raves worldwide; they perfected their music to become more and more un-resistible.

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