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Guy Zukrel and Aharon Segal have been writing and releasing superb trance music for almost 14 years. They released 5 albums: ‘The prophecy’ (1996), ‘New kind of world’ (1997), ‘Project genesis’ (1998) ‘The message’ (2000). (2006) and ‘Message From God’. Guy also released a solo album under the artist name Passenger – ‘For all mankind’ (1999) and working now days on a new album. Since their release, the duo has played live gigs globally in U.S.A, Denmark, Ibiza, U.K, Greece, France, Sweden ,Belgium ,Japan ,Swiss and Portugal. M.F.G. are first and foremost great versatile musicians who know how to manipulate their keyboards to form their unique and loved sounds and are considered one of the most important psy trance groups of the 90’s. Now, After 4 years of silence, Guy Zukrel and Aharon Segal are back together with their brand new 5th album – ‘Message From God’. They have already performed with their new music live in Belgium, Switzerland and Denmark where they experienced a great feedback and massive fanbase. Their first track for the new album – ‘Shining faces’, has already been licensed by DJ John 00 Fleming for his new compilation ‘White Label Republic’ ….
these days, Guy Zurkel is the only performer of the two since Aharon has become a religious person.

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In 1995, as a young French D.J, Atyss was already mixing Psychadelic Trance in Parisian raves and clubs.

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A.k.a. known as Maga, Sadhu had her 1st contact with the dancefloors working for Bimotor, a major record distributor, back in the days in Portugal.

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