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Guy Zukrel and Aharon Segal have been writing and releasing superb trance music more than 20 years already.

They released 5 albums: ‘The prophecy’ (1996), ‘New kind of world’ (1997), ‘Project genesis’ (1998) ‘The message’ (2000). and ‘Message From God’(2006) . Guy also released a solo album under the artist name Passenger – ‘For all mankind’ (1999). Since their release, the duo has played live gigs globally in U.S.A, Denmark, Ibiza, U.K, Greece, France, Sweden ,Belgium ,Japan ,Swiss and Portugal. 
M.F.G. are first and foremost great versatile musicians who know how to manipulate their keyboards to form their unique and loved sounds and are considered one of the most important psy trance groups of the 90’s.

these days, Guy Zurkel is the only performer of the two since Aharon has become a religious person.
In the past years he created a new solo project called “MindCraft” which beacame a huge sucsses, with his hit 
“Objects in the sky” , and other new tunes that was already released. his first album under this new project is on the way,
and probably will be released in 2019 .

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JUAN VERDERA aka THE MUSES RAPT Born in 1961. Natural from Ibiza – At 14 years old Juan begins to play his first instruments: Bandurria and Violin. – Then he discovers rock music and begins to play keyboard and electric guitar in some bands in Ibiza

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omer kadosh a.k.a rizo was born ih haifa city in israel on may 1979 he has been into the electronic scence music for over 15 years . When he was 13 he started playing guitar and been a member of few rock/heavy metal band’s in israel.

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