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MOONSTONE PROJECT is a live perfomance of Holeg Spies & Thierry from Spectral (Blue Room)

Pioneer trance DJ in France, HOLEG SPIES starts touring Europe in the early days of the Goa trance movment. Headliner of the first official techno-trance tour in India in 1995, Holeg then performs in Asia and Japan thanks to Juno Reactor.

As a producer, his first EP released in 1997 by Transient is followed by a series of records on Dino Psaras’ Atomic, Tim Schuldt’s Aurinko and many compilations alongside Kox Box, Total Eclipse, Psychaos (Joti Sidhu), Prana, Indoor, Astral Projection, Man With No Name, The Orb, Planet Ben, Antidote, Etnica, Dark Soho… SPIES debut album is out in 2000 on TechnoFlux (Japan) most of legendary Blue Room artists releases their own albums. 

Holeg Spies has produced numerous records with several names and collaborators : Spies, Holeg & The Spies, The Star Shrink Shooters, Tim Schuldt, Kris Kylven (UX, Dragonfly), Midimiliz and recently with Dado aka Deedrah/Transwave/Synthetic, Joujouka aka Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Funky Gong, Jaia and X-Dream for some new releases to come out soon.

Labels : Transient (UK), Atomic (UK), Aurinko (Germany), Wirikuta (Austria), Boshke Beats (Spain), Solstice Music (Japan), Music of The Sphere/Universal (Japan), Technoflux (Japan), Psy-Harmonics (Australia), Mechanical Dragon (Hong Kong), Etnicanet (South Africa) among others.

THIERRY “JONES” GOTTI is a skilled stage and studio guitarist who performs with myths like Johnny Thunders, Stiv Bators, East Bay Ray or Jon Klein (Space Tribe, Siouxsie & the Banshees). At the early days of the electronic movement Thierry starts a new concept thanks to his own experience in music with Techno Trance then Psychedelic Trance projects like MOOG and SPECTRAL. 

Some of SPECTRAL tracks like Kundalini, Moonstone, Avalon or Celtic Alchemy are now considered as Goa classics and pioneer Psychedelic Trance anthems and still played in parties around the world. MOOG released Tracks on Step II House ( Happy Music) and Euromotors on ‘Techno Club’ with Westbam, Nexus 6, Shazz. SPECTRAL released 2 majors EP and LP on Blue Room Released (Melt 2000) which had artists like Juno Reactor, KoxBox, X-Dream, Astral Projection, Total Eclipse, Etnica among others.

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