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O-GAH’s setup consists of 18 audio streams coming from 4 different sources. Over 120 parameters are available and constantly tweaked while notes are sent.

The patches are edited dynamically and creatively while streams of audio from more than 3000 recorded clips can be summed and processed on the fly.

The effects section is also brought to life by special atmospheric effect combinations also changeable in order to create accurate controlled ambient results.

The music can and will drastically change as the amount of combinations are virtually unlimited. Tempo can also be changed since appropriate technique was used when recording the clips from some of the word’s most renowned synthesizers.

The keyboard is played along with five Novation Launch Pad controllers for maximum parameter reach and fluidity.

Within the keyboard, filtering, effects, distortion, modulators, global features and more can be accessed along multiple pages of assigned parameters for each used sound.

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Avishai Greenbaum , 24 years old is the man behind this amazing project called SAJANKA His professional musical career began at 2014. When he focused on the style he loved and inspired from, Psy Trance music.

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Real name: Sharon Graziani, from Tel-Aviv Israel. Born in 1982, First musical experience started as a child playing piano and violin. Begining of the 90’s when electronic music involved and computers came along, so do first music programs.

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JUAN VERDERA aka THE MUSES RAPT Born in 1961. Natural from Ibiza – At 14 years old Juan begins to play his first instruments: Bandurria and Violin. – Then he discovers rock music and begins to play keyboard and electric guitar in some bands in Ibiza

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