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The name Orpheus comes from the Greek mythology, he was called by Pindar, which was an ancient Greek lyric poet, “the father of songs”. The myth tells us that when Orpheus was playing on his instrument, the trees and the stones were listening, the rivers deviated from their course and the forest animals fell silent.

Behind Orpheus music is Yaniv Gabay, trance music producer since 2007 from Israel. By the age of 12, he played different instruments such as piano guitar and drums set.

The main goal of Orpheus is to bring unique style to the trance, which characterized by powerful music with touch of classical instruments, without compromise in the quality and purity of the sound.

In 2009 Orpheus won in an international contest of Phonokol LTD. In 2010 he won in an international contest of FM Music. The tracks were released in digital stores.

In 2011 the trakcs “Tanuja dancing” and “Losing control” a remix of X-noise were released in Astrix’s episodes “Trance for nations” 5 and 7.Also the remix of X-noise “Losing control” was released in their EP produced by HOMmega record.

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