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Power Source is Shahaf Shvarzman form Tel Aviv Israel
Power source DJ \live set is all original trance music created and released between 1996-2012.

Power source formed in 1994 by Nati beat, Nati Mishali and Shahaf & took a major role in the early days of Israeli trance and club scene with live gigs, radio shows and DJ sets.
In 1996 Power Source released Goa trance classic anthems ‘Goaway’ on Tsuyoshi Suzuki label Matsuri Productions and ‘Granada’ on Transient Records Played by top trance DJ’s and featured on more than 50 CD compilations worldwide.
In 1999 Nati Beat & Shahaf released Power Source album Cosmic Wave supporting it with live sets in Israel & Europe, featured Powerful melodic tracks like Skywalker, Memory Bubbles and Vorlan. Nati & Shahaf released also uplifting trance hits as Desert Moon, Telescreen and The Nomads released on Paul van Dyk label’s Vandit (2006).
Throughout the 90’s Shahaf produced and performed as well with trance master Har-el Prusky and tracks were featured on Trance nova x-press, X-perimental Goa and California Sunshine – Imperia. Shahaf collaborated also with artists such as E-jekt, Xerox & illumination, California Sunsine (DJ Miko), Freeze and more .

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