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Feytor also known as ProtoActive, a project with great originality and concept has been considered one of the Progressive trance Lives acts most respected in Brazil, But now Living in UK since 2010 (Near London). ProtoActive has been releasing music very well prepared, unique and modern style that blends seamlessly into the current technics of synthesized atmospheres and old shool pads , making a highly lysergic sound, keeping the essence of progressive trance.

Having released music on several labels Like as: Iono Music, Freakuency Records, Antu Records, Planet Ben Records, Yellow Sunshine Records, Prog on Syndicate Records, Synergectic Records, PLusquam Records and others. ProtoActive has been performing worldwide in the biggest festival at: Brasil, England, Austria, Holland, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Mexico…

Jorge has played in several clubs and outdoor festivals in Buenos Aires, supporting international artists such as KoxBox. He also played in Brazil and Chile at parties like Universe Paralello, XXXperience, Trancendence Festival Out of Time, Respect, Sensation White, Psycotrance, Flip Out, Port Das Aguas Festival with artists like Logic Bomb, Zen Mechanichs, Dickster, Tetrameth, The First Stone, Burn in Noise, Aphid Moon, Deedrah, Rinkadink, Headroom, etc.

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