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Lin Tubul, “Reality Sky” was born in Tel Aviv in September ’92. Lin deals with music Since childhood and she plays the guitar & keyboards.The Electronic music world came into her ears more than a decade ago in A small party in north Israel.

While she was listening to a set of Loud, she realized where she wants to be. Immediately after leaving the army she began to make music and established her first project – “Lola”. Lola is a project that was influenced by old school Goa trance music in a unique style.

After she worked with the project for a year and a half, she Opened her second project – “Reality Sky” With a renewed inspiration and creativity kicks and sounds.

Reality Sky is Lin. its part of her life and her existence. in this project she can tell her point of view about psychedelic trance music.

Powerful Psytrance with an unique vibes, combined with soft and touching melodies , alongside powerfull pumping tense bases and psychedelic sounds. all that energy explodes on the dance floor in her sets , and you can feel the amazing vibes that she brings to the dance floor.

Today Lyn working on her first Ep that will be released in 2017.

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