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Isaac Levy aka Sandman was born in 1977 in Israel, needs little introduction. As a pioneer of the Psychedelic trance movement, Sandman established himself as one of the most serious artists of his era. With timeless releases (CD’s and EP’s) from 1996 to present including ‘Witchcraft’ (CD) released on the legendary Matsuri Productions and ‘Psycho Toons’ (CD), ‘Natural Born Killer’ (T.I.P Records EP) aka the ‘Pacman’ track, Isaac steadily kept the pace and continued working hard. Starting the new millennium, Sandman expanded his creative music into more commercial media, such as the big screen and television. Refocusing his energy on the creation of a new album, Sandman’s original ‘story telling’ music is the foundation of the new album, including new and current production ideas and sounds that will carry the next generation to new uncharted areas in a way only Sandman can.

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Strange Blotter is an Electronic Psychedelic Trance Project founded by Essa Khoury – a Producer/DJ, and Drummer of some of the leading Palestinian alternative rock bands; Fish Samak, Maghnatees and more, based in Haifa

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OMEGAHERTZ is Dimitrios Pouranis, music producer and composer from Greece, creating music since 1996, with first web-release appearance 2003 and worldwide CD release early at 2004.

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