Strange Blotter
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Strange Blotter is an Electronic Psychedelic Trance Project founded by Essa Khoury – a Producer/DJ, and Drummer of some of the leading Palestinian alternative rock bands; Fish Samak, Maghnatees and more, based in Haifa

The project has produced 3 Albums, Summer 2013 Strange Blotter released “Concussion” debut album followed by the EP – Psilocybin in Winter 2014 and few experiemental singles.

In 2015, Strange Blotter has released his 2nd album called ” في رحم المجره ” (In the womb of the Galaxy) containing 6 Tracks with eastern tunes and arabic touches, psychedelic flow and texture and faster uplifting bpms Featuring varied palestinian artists and musicians. Live guitars, percussion and vocaling.

Strange Blotter has been performing for the last 4 years, shaking sweaty diggers and dancers on dozens of dance floors with fresh hardcore progressive psychedelic tunes in varius venues and festivals in Israel/Palestine, Germany, Vienna, Egypt.,

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