The Muses Rapt
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JUAN VERDERA aka THE MUSES RAPT Born in 1961. Natural from Ibiza – At 14 years old Juan begins to play his first instruments: Bandurria and Violin. – Then he discovers rock music and begins to play keyboard and electric guitar in some bands in Ibiza like Tacu Marc Verd y Libre Sonido Directo (L.S.D.). – After he discovers new wave music and begins to play bass. – Goes to Madris for 10 years and plays in bands like UA ( 1 year), Derribos Arias (4 years) and they released 3 records with GASA and went famous in the new spanish underground scene ( La Movida Madrileña), making shows on national Television TVE and radios like Radio 3 giging around the country for 3 years and releasing music for films like A Tope. They were nominees for the Icaro Awards of the Diario 16. Also, they were 1st in the first battle of the bands organized by the town council 1er Concurso de Rock Villa de Madrid. They played music with the multi Oscar winner: Pedro Almodovar . He was played in other bands also like Angel y Las Guais and Minuit Polonia ( playing like supporting band of Santana and Bob Dylan in a concert in the Rayo Vallecano Stadium for 50.000 people). He worked with many famous producers in Spain like Paco Trinidad and Angel Altolaguirre. – Then Juan´s interest went to the production side. So he builds a recording studio in Madrid calle Audifono and records many of the more important bands of the 80s and 90s in the spanish scene like La Frontera, Los Marañones, Poch, Los Enemigos, Siniestro Total, La Fura dels Baus, and live sessions for Radio España. Juan Composed music for a short film called Pez, and collaborate in the production of music for theatre too with Manuel Balboa for a Francisco Nieva work. at the same tima he was doing recorded radio shows to be played in Radio Diario de Ibiza. – In 1991 Juan comes back to life in Ibiza. There he builds a mangement office with Carlos Hernandez called Espectáculos Ibiza to organize concerts and festivals like the Estiu Jove for the Council and Twon Hall of Ibiza. Producing 25 concerts with the most important pop rock bands of the country like: Mecano, Alejandro sanz, Heroes del Silencio, Alaska, Loquillo, El Ultimo de la Fila, etc. with attendances of over 14.000 people. This had never seen in Ibiza before. He becomes member of A.R.T.E (unique association in Spain for artist mangement)

– At the same time Juan builds the first local TV called IbizaVision and a video Production company called Ibiza Broadcast. They was working doing reports in Ibiza 92 TV show made in The Privilege (Ku) for the TVE1 and international TVs of the world; With interviews with Frank Zappa, Alaska, etc. and doing localization for production for some German TVs also. – The he opens a Label called Ibiza Music and returns to build the recording studio also and records and releases like a producer for many bands and artist from Ibiza like Estatuas de Sal, Los Malos, Climax, etc. – Begins to compose and produce electronic music also. – The discovers his first Goa Trance parties at the north of Ibiza & falls in love with it. – Doctor finds a Cancer in his body and Juan must be in the Hospital for quimiotherapy sessions. After his body healing Juan composes his first trance track called Spiritual Healing and copys it to trance DJs like Jörg. This track was a hit in the Trance scene and now is a classic (see the comments of the people now at www.myspace.com/themusesrapt, please) – Release with Ibiza Music the first Trance compilation in Spain called Cosmic Conspiracy. With Spiritual Healing and 2 more tracks from him with other music from artist from Ibiza. – After a few months trance party organizers from many countries called him to play his own music as a DJ, so he adopts the artistic name The Muses Rapt. – Meets Youth ex Killing Joke in The Karahana Festival in Israel and contract Juan for his own label Dragonfly Records in London exclusively for the world. – Releases the first album of The muses Rapt called Spiritual Healing including this and 7 more tracks selling more than 10.000 copies aroud the world, one of the most selling trance albums at that moment. – Juan organized many trance parties in Ibiza and even open a exclusively trance club called Bes in Ibiza. – Plays in many places around the world like: Japan, Israel, London, Munich, Zurich, Portugal, San Francisco, Miami, Mellbourne, etc – Summer 2000 Dragonfly releases the single and the remixes of Spiritual healing. – Continues composing, producing and playing till now. Licencing music for many compilations around the world for label compilation like Sony – Japan, Phonokol – Israel, Blanco y Negro – Spain, SST – Germany, Dream Creation – UK, Zoom – Zurich,The Tribe – Ibiza, and Dragonfly compilations, etc.

– 2005. He release the second album of The Muses Rapt called You with his own label Ibiza Music and distributed with Wirikuta distributors in all the world. This is presently sold out. – At the same time he meets Daniel Niewald and work together in a new Label in Ibiza called Narah making compilations of Ibiza Music like the Endless Vacation, a compilation of trance artist of Ibiza making house Music. Release at the summer of 2005 with the Narah label called Bes Recordings – In 2008 released Galactic Love album by The Muses Rapt and takes more tha 1 year to produce it and this time with the voices of Teresa Verdera, Q, Azahar and even Juan Verdera himself and his son Juanin. – In 2009 Juan opens a school for music production called La Magia del Tono in Ibiza and Madrid – In 2012 released the album Human – In 2013 releases the single Tabula Rasa – In 2014 releases the album The Eleusinian Mysteries. A compilation of unreleased tracks Now Juan is preparing a live concert show for The Muses Rapt Tour with his son Nala. While still playing as live DJ worldwide a new album to be released on 2015

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